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High and low chairs followed by high and low tables have to be accompanied or bolstered by similar statured pieces. The Pot and Vase fit the bill perfectly and showcase the more simplistic perspective. With only a single trademark to rely on, the folds are the key element in making them a part of the Paper Plane collection.   

This range was born from the idea to break the mold and step away from the expected geometry and trends of 3D-printed furniture. 

To inspire the next generation of large format printed furnishings and be original. To comply with these ideas, the restoration of defined legs stands as the foundation for the designs and consequently becomes one of the trademarks and what is referred to as Paper Plane. Also seen throughout the range are the visible printer lines creating an identity for the item like a piece of wood with veins. 

Each product in the range is 3D printed and chipped with a tag to prove its authenticity, heritage, and recycle data. Simply tap with your phone to scan the NFC chip.

Size and Color

(LxWxH in mm) 300x300x300. The measurements can vary due to printing variances.

A green color originates from the recycled fishnets used to 3D print the product. This item also exists in beige (wood), EPDM rubber (black), and rPETg (grey transparent). 

Keep in mind that the item is sold in a raw format, meaning without any specific treatment. After treatment such as lacquer can be made upon request.

Material & Care

Made by 50% recycled fishnets from the ocean (rPP) and 50% wood fiber from Stora Enso. 
Each item is unique and differences in continuity are to be expected. 
Handle with care. Can withstand heat and water to a certain degree however the color might change. It can be compared to outdoor wood furniture.
Suitable for both indoors and outdoor. 
To be used in a regular pot, use a separate insert and/or keep it outdoors to avoid water leakage.  
The product is made and designed in Sweden.

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