Digital license of ONE (1) Paper Plane - Side Table

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This is a DIGITAL license for the Side Table - Paper Plane collection.

The license is for ONE (1) PRINT of this model. 

Will be delivered with the 3MF Vault technology where Copyrights and IP is included in the 3D geometry file. No changes or tampering with the file is allowed.

The NFC chip needs to be burned with application and the n will be registered as a fabricated unit in the blockchain.

The logo badge sent (see image) always has to be mounted in the final product as proof of authenticity and also included the DPP - Digital product Passport

For more finished product images, see other products 3D printed in various materials on the Industry MAGNUM 3D printer.

Size and Color

(LxWxH in mm) 1200x350x750.

Material & Care

You are free to print ONE product for each license you buy and use any material to your liking.


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