Capacitor MKPA-E Series Audiophile Frequency-Divided Audio Infinite Acoustics

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High-quality Polycap from Infinite Acoustics manufactured by well-known Audiophile component supplier Bevenbi.

Used in crossovers from Infinite Acoustics MAKE series for makers.

This capacitor uses metal-plated PP & PE
Thin film is used as an electrolyte, epoxy resin potting, good self-healing, high reliability, low loss, and superior electrical performance, mainly used for high-frequency filtering, and crossover, and is used in communication and industrial power supply equipment.

It is widely used in filtering, noise reduction, and low-pulse circuits to suppress loop compensation coupling, frequency division, and bypass filter resonance start. Often used in displays, power supplies, energy-saving lamps, program-
controlled switches, speakers, audio amplifiers, instruments, etc. Circuits and electronic devices that generate electromagnetic interference from power sources