3D Filament Material rPETG 1.75 mm burnt amber

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The seaglass collection is inspired by settings of the wild, natural beauty and our fleeting memories of these environments. Print with these unique gems and explore the rich spectrum of translucent colours that each one provides at different infills and light settings. All available in 1.75 mm rPETG (1Kg) and produced using locally recycled plastic. As a maker think about the environment and use recycled materials from traceable source.

PETG is an established plastic type, frequently used in the production of beverage, food and liquid containers. We source our rPETG from a highly consistent stream of high quality medical waste, working with one of the most established recyclers in the EU.

Material info

This is the Burnt Amber in 1.75 mm and 1 Kg spool of filament from the Sea glass collection. Our flagship recycled PETG is sourced from leading local recyclers. It's durable and easy to use with exceptional visual and mechanical performance.

PETG is a Glycol Modified version of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). It has the best of both worlds, combining the functionality of ABS and the easy printing of PLA in one material. It’s also a highly common plastic in recycling ecosystems globally, so we can consistently source great quality streams.

Printing settings

Nozzle Temperature 245 C degrees +/- 10C 

Bed Temperature 75 C degrees +/- 5C 

Print Speed 30-50 mm/s

Fan Speed 30-100%

Retraction Speed 35-45 mm/s

Retraction Distance 10 mm