Used WASP 4070 HDP (pellets printer)

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1,5 year old printer with less than 100h  printing time

print size 400mm x 600mm

HDP Technology
Print volume
 Ø 400 x h 600 mm
Nozzle diameter 1 mm
Max output: 350g/h
Layer resolution 200 – 500 micron
Print speed up to 150 mm/s
Travel speed up to 250 mm/s
Connectivity WiFi, LAN, USB
Hotend temperature Max 280°C
Bed temperature Max 120°C
Chamber temperature Max 50°C

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Print directly from granules

Pneumatically loaded HDP pellet Extruder, specifically developed for thermoplastic granules extrusion up to 350g/h.

Big prints big savings

Print massive parts using granules up to 10 times cheaper than filaments.

Recycled materials

Experiment with an incredibly wide variety of customized and WASP officials recycled materials.

24/7 printing

A capacitive sensor placed on the extruder body detects the presence of material and independently requests it from the main 5-liter tank located on the side of the printer, interrupting the process in case the material runs out.

Hot and Cold Technology

Active heated chamber up to 50° C and cooled mechanics. The system of "Hot and Cold Technology" allows an optimal printing of plastic pellets, while maintaining a relatively low temperature on the mechanics.

Vacuum Active Control

VAC (Vacuum Active Control) vacuum retention system with automatic release of the plate at the end of printing. Different type of printing plate for different kind filaments.

Camera on-board

It allows remote monitoring of the printing process and timelapse.

Automatic leveling

Mesh plate auto calibration.