Used Creality CR30 3D print mill Belt

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Use very little for special projects during 2022. Built and ready. we have only one left. For shipping and not pickup in our Factory in Malmö please contact us at 

An Infinite-Z volume 3D printer created by Naomi Wu & Creality3D, building on the work of Karl Brown and Bill Steele.  3DPrintMill is a feature of infinite-length printing and bulk printing, thereby time-saving in printing and cost-efficient. The special infinite-Z belt is the first Creality 3D printer to realize infinite build volume in the world.

Infinite-Z-axis for Endless Printing: Equipped with the rolling conveyor belt, it realizes continuous printing. No worries to print the infinite length model. High productivity, time-saving, and cost-efficient (Print dimension: 200*170*∞mm) *A removable extension bracket is available for installing to prevent the model from falling during printing.