3D filament center roll with super magnets for Reflow filament (complete)

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This 3D filament center roll holder has super magnets embedded to snap together. It's tailored to work in conjunction with the lostboyslab Reflow recycled filament rolls. As it has two individual roll-bearings from SKF and a center axle from carbon fibre rod, it provides the absolute best solution for your 3D printing. The roll can be used together with separate stands, our mega holders or other solutions.

Also available as a digital download product with a physical component kit

Material info 

This roll holder is made from black Reflow rPLA and has supermagnets embedded to snap together.

PRODUCT ID LBL0052, incl 2 Rollbearing SKF 624 (2RS), 8 Supermagnet discs, round 8x3mm and 4 mm Carbon fibre rods cut to suitable length.

User guide

The 3D filament center roll with super magnets is a complete solution that doesn't need any assembly. 

This lostboyslab 3D filament center roll works exceptionally well with the lostboyslab's Mega bracket and the lostboyslab's Mega side stand (soon to come).

You can modify this 3D filament center roll to suit your own needs by buying the digital download and it will require you to also buy the physical component kit with roll-bearings, carbon rods and supermagnets.