3D download for Reflow filament center roll (need component kit)

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This is the digital download that is used in conjunction with the component kit for the 3D filament center roll holder designed by lostboyslab.  It's an easy to use center roll for the recycled Reflow filament rolls. With the component kit and this download in various 3D CAD formats, you can modify this center holder to fit other 3D filaments, add you own logo and use your own favourite material to print it with. 

Enter digital download password here:  https://whatt.io/prod0019/

Material info

This is a digital download only, you need a 3D printer to manufacture this yourself in rPLA or in rPET. The product is downloaded in two separate parts all included in the download. To have a complete solution you also need to order the component kit.

User guide

After you've paid for the download you will receive a password to continue, you can then choose which format is best suited for your needs and application.

Enter digital download password here: https://whatt.io/prod0019/

The center roll can optionally be used together with our side mega stand LBL0033 or our mega brackets LBL0051.